Floor Standing Type FVY

Functions FVY71, FVY100, FVY125
Functions FVY71, FVY100, FVY125


Auto Swing
Switchable fan speed
Program ‘Dry’
Hot Start
Two selectable thermo-sensors
Year-round cooling applicable
Time Selector

Control Features

Auto-cooling/heating change-over
Control by 2 remote controllers
Control by 1 remote controller
External command control
Central remote control
Interlock control

Work & Servicing

Pre-charged for up
to 30 m
Long - life filter
Filter sign
Low gas pressure detection
Emergency operation
Self-diagnosis function

Mildew prevention

Mould resistant treatment for filter


PE fin
Applicable to R71-R125 outdoor units (for temp. down to - 15°C) (An option is required.)
Applicable to R(Y)71-125 outdoor units
* Power Supply ( 1/3 Phase)
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