Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type

Functions FCQ71, FCQ100, FCQ125, FCQ140
Functions FCQ71, FCQ100, FCQ125, FCQ140


Auto Swing
Swing pattern selection
Draft prevention function
Switchable fan speed
Program ‘Dry’
High ceiling application
Two selectable
Hot start
Year-round cooling applicable
Time Selector

Control Features

Auto-cooling/heating change-over
Control by 2 remote controllers
Control by 1 remote controller
External command control
Central remote control
Interlock control

Work & Servicing

Drain water lift-up mechanism
Pre-charged for up
to 30 m
Long - life filter
Filter sign
Ceiling soiling prevention
Low gas pressure detection
Emergency operation
Self-diagnosis function


Ultra long-life filter
High-efficienty filter
Fresh air intake kit

Mildew prevention

Mould resistant treatment for filter


PE fin
Applicable when wired remote controller is used
Applicable to R71-R140 outdoor units (for temp. down to - 15°C) (An option is required.)
Applicable to R(Y)71-140 outdoor units
Applicable to R36NU-R48NU outdoor units
* Power Supply ( 1/3 Phase)
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